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West Fynen - An Eldorado for Anglers
Mother nature has been particularly benevolent to West Fyn, giving us 80 km of coastline. The waterways of West Fyn are regarded as a sea trout angler’s paradise. 

In the next few years, an entirely new Centre for Coastal and Angling Tourism is to be built on Agernæs habour. We do not know much about it yet but we are sure its will be very exciting.

If you need fishing gear you have to go to a shop in Middelfart or in Odense.

Certified accommodation

The accommodation providers at this page are certified by the organisation Seatrout Funen. This is your guarantee they have the facilities visiting anglers need. In order to read more about the requirements please visit Seatrout Funens website.

Angling Waters

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Middelfart Angler shop

Everything in fishing gear: laces, rods, capelin, nets, live bait and more


Vi er stolte over vores mange unikke fiskesteder, som gør Assens kommune til en af Danmarks absolut bedste destinationer når det gælder kystfiskeri. I...

Boat rentals

Rent a dinghy with access to fishing and beautiful scenery.

Seatrout Fyn

Read more about Sea trout and angling on More and more sea trout are making their way up Fyn’s waterways to spawn, and the waterways hav...

Sea Trout Fyn

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Put and take

Put and take lakes round West Fyn

Helnæs Bay Fishing Association - renting shed af skur

By agreement, the association's shed in the large parking lot near the coast on Strandbakken, Helnæs can be rented / borrowed by visiting groups on th...