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Get an experience richer at one of our museums, discover new art or meet the locals at our cozy summer events 

Museums and exhibitions

Learn something new at one of our museums. Explore new art or meet the local people at our pleasant summer events.

Galleries & Antique

If you are interested in art and / or antiques, we have a nice selection that you can visit here on West Funen

Music and theater experiences

Experience music and stand-up in the Tobaksgaarden cultural center in Assens and in the industry in Aarup, which is open air theater in Frøbjerg. Throughout the summer there are plenty of small and large events for both locals and tourists.

Manor houses

As in the rest of Funen, there are castles and manor houses on West Funen. The Linen Tissue Museum and the Škoda Museum are located in buildings belonging to the manor Krengerup Estate, whose main building is the focal point of one of Denmark's best preserved manor environments.


We are so lucky to be able to offer to watch movies in the cinema 4 places in the municipality. 4 different and nice cinemas.


See artist Peter Brande's three stained glass windows in Gamtofte Church or find the cannon ball stuck on Our Lady Church in Assens. The size of Our Lady Church testifies to the times when Assens was a hub between Hamburg and Copenhagen. The churches store many tales.

Et par nedslag i historien

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En levende fortælling om byens Skulpturer og værker.

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