Turforslag til Helnæs

Holidays on two wheels

Photo: Andreas Schnalke

Marked cycling routes with fine viewpoints and good overnight accommodation make West Fyn a wonderful place for holidays on your bike. We can suggest day trips or half day trips that take you out to some of our loveliest spots in the countryside. You can hire cycles.


Guide - Cykeloplevelser 2019 Hent inspiration til cykelture i folderen "Cykeloplevelser på Vestfyn". Hent den på turistkontoret eller læs den her.

Take a trip on your own

The Great Outdoors of West Fyn has got it all. The mild and the wild. Sea and shore. Azure and green, as far as the eye can see.

On Funen you will find the fantastic N8 Baltic Sea route and in addition several Bike Island routes. The 900 km long Baltic Sea route connects South Denmark across and contains some of the best experiences Denmark has to offer.

Østersøruten N8

Den 900 km lange Østersørute forbinder Syddanmark på tværs og rummer en række af de bedste oplevelser, Danmark har at byde på.

Bike Friend

Bike Friends will help you on your holiday You can find our Bike Friends around Funen and the Islands. Bike Friends are local shops, attractions, busi...

Island hopping to Baagø

Baagø is the obvious distination for a day trip. A cycling or walking tour offers wonderful nature experiences. The angler can fish from the cost, and...

Rent a bike

Rent a bike and take in the lovely West Funen nature on 2 wheels

Bed and Bike

Do you love cycling on your vacation? So look for the Bed + Bike logo! The certification scheme guarantees you the best bike-friendly accommodations

Vissenbjerg Terrarium - Bike Station

Vissenbjerg Terrarium



MTB rute in Assens

Mountainbikeroute around Assens Stadium and Brunebjerg

The MTB route in Haarby

The MTB route in HaarbyThe mountainbike route in the forest of Trunderup, HaarbyAssens Municipality has, in cooperation with Haarby Bicycle Club (HBC), established the MTBroute.The forest of Trunderup in Haarby is a hilly area with a diverse planting of broad-leavedtrees and conifers. Here...

Glamsdalens Bikepark

Glamsdalens BikeparkAssens Municipality and Glamsdalens Sport Boarding School have worked together to establishthe about 3 km. long mountain bike track. The track differs between driving on gravel, forest floor and grass. There is winding stretches through thick forest, more open stretches...