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EveningGus auf Assens Næs

EveningGus & Sea Dip

1 hour saunagus and sea dip with 3 rounds saunagus, where our gus-master pampers the guests with fragrant essential oils and invites to silence accompanied by music for contemplation.

In between each saunagus we take a dip in the cold sea water.

Price 300kr.

Practical information: Feel free to come 5-10 min. before start, so you are ready for the introduction.
We have a changing tent if you come straight from work and need to change on site.

Please bring:

- Swimwear
- One large towel to sit on in the sauna
- Two towels to dry you along the way
- A pair of bathing sandals, bathing shoes or neoprene socks.
- A hat
- A bathrobe or similar.

We have a selection of bathrobes if you need one. We serve water, fruit and snacks and coffee and tea.

Drink plenty of water from home – don't arrive hunrgy – but also not completly full.
Your registration is binding. Should you be prevented, you are welcome to hand over your place to someone else.
There is a minimum of 6 participants. Should there not be enough registrations, you will be offered to attend another date or get your money back.

We look forward to seeing you.

Jane and Per, Love Saunagus

mobile: (0045) 40923788

Please note that participation is at your own risk. Always let us know before if you are taking any medication or have physical or mental health challenges.