Hasmark Strandoase

Photo: Anne Mette Rasmussen Møller
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In Hasmark's beach oasis, there's room for everyone - here you can spend the night, grill some meat, play in the big climbing course, play ball, have a shower, relax and much, much more!

Østre Strandvej 4

5450 Otterup

Beach park at Kattegat

The park at Hasmark beach is a great place for a picnic.

Here you'll find a playground, a bonfire site, lots of tables and benches, an open-air stage, restrooms, dressing rooms, showers, and lots of green areas where the children can play.

You can have a good time at the beach park in summer as well as in winter.


Østre Strandvej 4

5450 Otterup



Beach park

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