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Westfunens Modelflying Club


Model Aircraft Flying is a Booming Hobby!

Anyone aged 8-80 who is interested and enthusiastic about flying model aircraft can become a member of the Modelflying Club (young members will need to be accompanied by adult).

There are all kinds of model aircraft: petrol or jet engines, electric or elastic powered planes, Gliders and helicopters of all sizes.

Not to forget the new Drones (helicopters with 4 or 6 propellers).
Some people prefer ready-made models, others like to build theirs themselves.
The new computer control allows you to develop your own inner technical geek!

Flying model aircraft creates a close camaraderie and good friendships because you exchange and share radio and flight experiences together.

Remember: It is a hobby that can be expanded from “pocket money” level to as you like – the sky is the limit (or your wallet)!

You are welcome to come and see us fly, at any time!

John Madsen
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Doesn't fly in bad weather!

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