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Autocamper place by the Marina


Park your motor home right by the water.

Assens Marina now offers their winterspace (for boats) to campers during the summer, where the boats are on the water. 

Price per night: 165 Dkr. 
Incl. water, electricity and access to toilets and bathrooms and emptying facilities.

Services payable by the payment machine:
There are at marina office installed a vending machine.
The machine issuing free passes to environmental station for a deposit of 30 kr., As well as to automatically set an initial amount of 20 kr. on the access card, for use of the shower. Access to toilet building is free with code 2003.

Washer and dryer are also paid with the money that is deposited into the access card. Deposit and not consumed money are refunded when the card is returned in the vending machine.

Free WIFI throughout the harbor.