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Pulsen/Arena Assens - sports and activity area

Pulsen/Arena Assens - Outdoor playingarea for all

Visit Pulsen, a nice sports and activity area, and bring your family, sweetheart, friends or neighbours! A large 30,000 m² outdoor sports and activity area in the town of Assens.

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· Petanque
· Squash
· 60-metre running track
· Badminton
· Basketball
· Trampoline
· Free play at the playground
· Skateboarding ramps
· Climbing nets
· Long jumping
· High jumping
· Water puddles
· Benches and tables
· Outdoor workouts
· Bar-to-bar climbing frame
· Crolf
· Football
· Rounders

“One day’s workout” fitness centre… and much more besides.  

Possibility of hiring equipment for activities:
Hire of squash racket: DKK 20
Hire of badminton racket: DKK 20
Hire of badminton court: DKK 100
Hire of petanque set: DKK 30
Hire of basketball: DKK 20
Hire of crolf equipment: DKK 50
Hire of rounders equipment (bat and ball): DKK 30
Hire of football: DKK 20
One day’s workout: DKK 95 

The above prices are for one hour. 

Also visit Brasserie SaftStationen at Arena Assens. Here you can eat lunch or dinner, or drink a cup of coffee or tea on the patio or in rustic surroundings.  

Further details at Pulsen and Arena Assens are available on

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact activity leader Jane Jensen on tel.: +45 2334 9738, or send her an e-mail:

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