Put and take

Photo: Visit Assens

Put and take lakes round West Fyn

Agernæs Saltvandssøer / Agernæs Saltwater Lakes

The most beautiful fishing lakes You find Agernaes Saltwater Lakes on beautiful West Funen 15 km. from the town of Assens. The six lakes are situated right by the coast on a peninsula between the mainland and Helnaes. We have plenty of space so you fish in peace and quiet with the most ...

Aalsbogaard Angling Lakes

Aalsbogaard Angling Lakes Aalsbogaard Angling Lakes provide the opportunity to catch eel, rainbow trout, brook trout, pike and carp in a wide variety of sizes. Trouts from 1 - 10 kg are released. There are no catch limitation. There are a total of three angling lakes with roads laid o...