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Experiences in Assens Municipality

Our municipality offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. Go for a hike in the beautiful hills, explore charming villages, or immerse yourself in cultural events. With our rich nature, engaging community, and a diverse array of activities, Assens is the perfect destination for those seeking authentic and memorable experiences.

Plan your next trip to Assens and create memories that last a lifetime.

Explore our experiences, and let Assens surprise you with its unique charm and diversity.

De aktive oplevelser

Assens byder på mange forskellige aktive oplevelser

vestfyn aktiv ferie
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bike tours
Oplevelser - Cykling i Assens


vestfyn fisker
Oplevelser - Lystfiskeri i Assens


Oplevelser - Vandring i Assens

Hiking vacation

The countryside in West Fyn is perfect for a walk - we have a lot of different routes as easy or difficult as you like. The same applies of course if you are spending your holiday on two wheels. West Fyn has 85 kilimetres of coast, so it is superb for all kinds of water sport. You can hire dinghy and have a wonderful time on the Lillebaelt, for a family outing, fishing og simply enjoying West Fyn from the sea. If you prefer to stay on land, you can ride in a horse-drawn carriage from Øbjerggaard through lovely country in the Sønderby hills. On the way you pass local sights, and hear about historic West Fyn. Then a picnic lunch is waiting for you to eat looking over the Lillebaelt. You can play Golf at two of Denmarks most beautiful 18-hole courses or Football golf near Ebberup and at Agger Park Golf you can play a special kind of Golf in lovely surroundings.  

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Hvad kan jeg lave hvor på Vestfyn ?

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Guide til Assens by

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cyklister på Frøbjerg

Guide til hele Vestfyn

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Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Oplev by & kultur

Assens Købstad, museer, kunst, slotte og mange flere oplevelser

Assens molehoved
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Assens City

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Oplevelser - Børnehøjde i Assens

Fun for kids

Kunst statue
Oplevelser - Kunst, kultur og museer i Assens

Art, culture & museums

Oplevelser - Slotte og herregårde

Castle & Manors