Fun for children

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It's crazy!
If you are an animal or bird, we have a good idea. Meet the amazing world of reptiles and toads in the Terrarium in Vissenbjerg. Or visit Denmark's Bird Zoo - the largest in Scandinavia. Make your own candles and much more ..

Vissenbjerg Terrarium

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Lots of experiences in the Terrarium

Danmarks Bird Zoo

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Visit Denmark's bird zoo


Playgrounds on West Fyn

Candle Making - Corra Design

Candle making - Corra Design Visit Corra Design and let go of the creativity. Make your own candle. Painting on stones - gallery and sever...



Football golf/Vestfyns-Fodboldgolf

Football golf/Vestfyns-Fodboldgolf Treat your soccer feet to a football golfing experience at Vestfyns-Fodboldgolf in Ebberup, where both Ronaldo an...

Agger Wine & Parkgolf

Agger WINE & PARK GOLF - an oasis for connoisseurs of all ages! Agger WINE & PARK GOLF is out there along the little road where the crows have re...

Glamsbjerg outdoor swimming pool

Glamsbjerg Outdoor

Skoda Museum Denmark

Skoda Museum Danmark The museum's collection is from the first mass-produced Škoda 420 Popular from 1937 to Skoda Felicia 1996 which was the firs...

Strøjer Samlingen / Strøjer Collection

Strøjer - car collection

Assens Bowling Center/Assens Bowling Centre

Assens Bowling Center/Assens Bowling Centre Assens Bowling Centre welcomes everyone, young and old alike to the most popular recreational activity in...

Playland in Assens Bowlingcenter

Playland in Assens Bowling Center   Take the kids to the play area. Besides the play area it is of course also possible to go bowling.  The Play...

Aqua domes & Swim Centres

If the good weather fails, there is a possibility of going to the indoor swimming pool or to the open air bath in Glamsbjerg

Do you like water ? Beaches, island trip or fishing trip..

See what you can do along the coast, in and around the water here