Oplev forår i Assens Kommune
påske på vestfyn

Springtime in Assens

As spring gently arrives in the Assens Municipality, a new chapter unfolds, filled with unique experiences and activities. From blooming nature to lively spring events, Assens has plenty to offer in the warmer season.

nyd en lydvandring

Easter Break

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Vandreruter og stier på vestfyn

Hiking in spring colors

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Assens Marina

Assens Harbor

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Spring activities in Assens

Whether you prefer cultural events, scenic hikes, or relaxing moments by the harbor, Assens has everything you need to embrace spring. Plan your spring trip and dive into a season filled with beauty and activities for everyone.

Explore the diversity of spring in Assens, where flowers bloom, the fjord calls, and culture flourishes.

Spring calendar with events

Check out our calendar of events to see what's happening throughout the spring season.

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