Kultur og natur

Activities in the nature

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A lot of Activities in the countryside. Walking and cycling, go to the beach or to the coast. We got a lot of unspoiled nature.

Take a trip on your own

The Great Outdoors of West Fyn has got it all. The mild and the wild. Sea and shore. Azure and green, as far as the eye can see.

The Countryside takes your breath away....

You can find everything in the West Fyn countryside. From gently inviting to wild and challenging. Sea, coast or inland. Everything is blue and green as far as the eye can see. It is all easily accessible along a fine net of roads and walking or cycling routes.

Hiking routes and trails

Get your hiking boots on and find walks here or look in at the Tourist Office. We can suggest routes of varying lengths, as easy or difficult as you like.


West Fynen - An Eldorado for Anglers Mother nature has been particularly benevolent to West Fyn, giving us 80 km of coastline. The waterways of West Fyn are regarded as a sea trout angler’s paradise.

Holidays on two wheels

Marked cycling routes with fine viewpoints and good overnight accommodation make West Fyn a wonderful place for holidays on your bike. We can suggest day trips or half day trips that take you out to some of our loveliest spots in the countryside. You can hire cycles.

Lær og Lyt til fortællinger om natur og kunst på Vestfyn.

Kan man gå en historie ? Det kan man nu ! En ny måde at lære naturen meget bedre at kende på, lige netop når du har tid og lyst, er ved at benytte de forskellige lydvandringer, der er lavet her på Vestfyn.

Assens - Baagø Færgen Aps/Assens–Baagø Ferry Company Ltd.

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Climb Mountains

Yes, you read that correctly! We have mountains in West Fyn – well, almost…At 131 metres, Frøbjerg Bavnehøj between Tommerup and Aarup is the highest point on Fyn. From the top of Bavnehøjen, there are stunning views of most of Fyn. Bavnehøjen is part of a characteristic Ice Age landscape.


The most beautiful viewpoints on West Funen

Garden and Parks

Haver og parker på Vestfyn

Horse-drawn carriage ride at Øbjerggaard

With a view of the Little Belt and Helnæs lies Øbjerggaard. At Øbjerggaard, horse-drawn carriage rides are offered in the green. Experience Vestfyn from its best side in a horse-drawn carriage with historical stories along the way and end the trip with lunch at Øbjerggaard. The price fo...

Helnæs Bay Fishing Association - renting shed af skur

By agreement, the association's shed in the large parking lot near the coast on Strandbakken, Helnæs can be rented / borrowed by visiting groups on the nose for packed lunches, instruction, cozy get-together, etc. The shed can accommodate and have service for 12 people. There is 12 V power...


There are many places to take a dip in the sea. Westfunen’s Little Belt coastline is 86 kilometres long. The entire stretch is brimming with fine bathing opportunities and has something for everyone.

Et par nedslag i historien

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