Climb Mountains

Photo: visit Assens

Yes, you read that correctly! We have mountains in West Fyn – well, almost…At 131 metres, Frøbjerg Bavnehøj between Tommerup and Aarup is the highest point on Fyn. From the top of Bavnehøjen, there are stunning views of most of Fyn. Bavnehøjen is part of a characteristic Ice Age landscape.

The hills are flat at the top with steep sides and striking glacial ravines. Frøbjerg takes its name from the god of fertility, Frø or Frej. In ancient times, Frøbjerg was a holy place of sacrificial feasts. There is a memorial grove on Frøbjerg for the victims of the occupation of Denmark during the Second World War, along with other memorials. In the old ice cream parlour at the bottom of Frøbjerg Bavnehøj, there is a little exhibition open during the summer, telling the story of Bavnehøjen. Brændholt Bjerg, standing 115 m high, boasts the most magnificent view of Fyn. It is an old common; the soil is dry and the land has been grazed for many years. However, it has not been cultivated or sprayed, so there is an overwhelming variety of flowers and insects.