Assens fra havnen

Assens Market town

Photo: Andreas Schnalke

Assens was probably a market town as early as the Middle Ages. The oldest known market town rights are from 1524.

In the 19th century, development really took off through industrialization. Today there are over 50 specialty shops and an exciting range available in the city and a good business world.

Assens city history

The history of Assens

Museum Vestfyn

Museum Vestfyn has several exhibitions in Assens

A Walk through the market town of Assens

The centre of the old market town of Assens is unusually well preserved, and there is a lot to see on a walk through the town (2 km)

Assens Mini-Village/Assens Miniby

Assens Mini-Village was founded in the early 1990s when five Assens residents decided to launch activities that could benefit Assens Municipality, particularly in terms of tourism. One of the activities marked the founding of Assens Mini-Village.

Pakhuset på Assens Mole - Det røde Pakhus

The long history of the shipbuilders in Assens and the connection between the town's history and changes in the building of ships deserve to be told. The artist Bjørk Matias Friis has restored Assens town and harbor anno 1219, 1524 and 1793 on paper with illustrative maps in the wareho...

Assens business port

Assens business port improves facilities for pleasure boats over 14 meters/ 20 ton, which cannot engage in Assens Marina.  On the southern side of the middle pier, by the red warehouse, larger pleasure boats are welcome from season 14. There are established access to power, water and to...

Assens Marina

Assens Marina - Useful Information The opening hours of the marine office change with the season. See website Marina charges 2019: The ticket is purchased at the Marian office. Motorhome 140 kr. Boat from 0 to 10 m: 140 kr. Boat from 10 to 12 m: 170 k...


Playgrounds on West Fyn

Photo: bryggeriet vestfyn


Photo: Visit Assens

Church of our lady Assens

The Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke) in Assens is the second largest church in the island of Funen.

Shopping in Assens

There are 50 specialty shops in Assens that allow for a good shopping day