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Seatrout Fyn

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More and more sea trout are making their way up Fyn’s waterways to spawn, and the waterways have larger stocks of trout than just 20 years ago. Last but not least, more and larger sea trout have been caught along the coasts in recent ye

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The success of the sea trout did not just happen spontaneously. Since 1990, Fyn has worked hard to improve the island’s sea trout stocks by augmenting releases and enhancing their ascent options. The results show that these long-range efforts are paying off. More than 500 km of waterways have been opened up for the spawning migrations of sea trout since 1990, and 25 of Fyn’s waterways now boast a stock of sea trout. At the same time, we have developed opportunities for and knowledge of coastal fishing and have helped to attract yet more active sea trout anglers – all under the heading of “Sea trout Fyn”. Hope we will see you soon on Vestfyn.