Hoteller på Vestfyn
Good night - Sleep tight!


Pampering at a delightful hotel or hostel accommodation? Holiday cottage, appartment or campsite? Bed & Breakfast in the town centre or in a pretty, rural setting? West Fyn offers peace and quiet, and we have accommodation options to suit all tastes.

Vi har et bredt udvalg lige fra den smukkeste luksus på et slotshotel, hygge i et dejligt feriehus eller måske overnatning hos private i et Bed and Breakfast. For ikke at glemme campingpladserne og naturpladserne. Du bestemmer....

Vestfyn - stedet hvor vi har tid til at være sammen

Photo: Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Camping sites

Stay right by the sea at one of the seven campsites - we have small, quiet sites or bigger family sites with special options for children and young people.


Here you will find peace and quiet and accommodation venues for every taste and wallet.

Holiday Apartments

In West Funen we have a lot of exciting holiday Apartments for your holiday. Have a look and we hope you will find the one that suits your needs.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is accommodation in people's private homes. Some of our hosts have joined a certification scheme, which means they comply with a number of minimum requirements for standards and facilities.

Holiday Homes/cottages

Bo i dit eget feriehus eller måske en hytte og nyd' friheden på Vestfyn. Se et udvalg her


If you are sailing to West Funen look here what the possibilities are. If you have any doubts, please contact the Marina or Assens Harbor

Nature Camps

Will you like to sleep right in the middle of the nature ? You can sleep in a nature campsite or a shelter.

Motorhome Place

There are several different motorhome pitches

Bed and Bike

Do you love cycling on your vacation? So look for the Bed + Bike logo! The certification scheme guarantees you the best bike-friendly accommodations


If you are going to find a good place for the class, here are various opportunities on Thorø and Bågø

Overnatning i Assens by

Mangler du overnatning i Assens by så kig med her. Her har du en oversigt over overnatningsstederne i byen.